I tell ya, some people just do not make any sense to me at all.  I have an appointment with my new OB/GYN Oncologist tomorrow.  So, instead of getting a jump on things, the new office tries to call my regular oncologist and my regular (….or should I say former) gynecologist to get my files, today.  Havoc ensues.

My phone rings, and it’s the regular OB/GYN (herein referred to as ROB), and did they have a mouthful.

ROB: Hey Jennifer, I wanted to talk to you about this request we got for your files to go to Dr. Chase.

Me: Ok.

ROB: So, should we just take it that you are transferring out of our practice?

Me: You should take it that Dr. Chase needs to review my file.

ROB:  Well, I don’t think I can fulfill this request.

Me: Why?

ROB:  Because I don’t think Dr. Chase is going to be helpful, you should stay at this practice.

Me:  That isn’t your decision.

ROB:  Well, I just…well, I would like for you to….

Me:  Look, if I have to leave work to drive 45 minutes to get my records because you won’t fulfill the request that is in writing, I am going to be VERY  upset.

ROB: Well, I am just looking…..

Me: Not to mention VERY ILLEGAL….

ROB:  I will get those records out right away.

Me: Thank you.

THE NERVE of that office.  I don’t think I could ever go back and take her seriously.  Yes, she is a doctor, but has NO RIGHT to question my decision to get another opinion.  Seething doesn’t even cover how mad I was.

Moving on.

It is a mere 5 days until The Night with the Breast of Intentions.  I am super excited about the prospect of raising money for a great cause.  I am kind of up against the wall in a preparedness way.  I had this spectacular idea when this came about 7 months ago that I wanted to make some of the raffle/purchase items.  I feel the need to show my appreciation for those who can make it out.  Now, pretty much every night this week will be spent painting something, putting jewels on something, gluing something, ribbon shooting out of my eyeballs, pink Mason jars waiting for something wonderful to happen to them.  I really have no one to blame but myself.  I’VE ONLY HAD MONTHS AND MONTHS TO PREPARE…..jeez, what do you want from me?

Love and light….




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