Well, what did you think it was about?

Fifty Shades of Grey. I’ve read the series, and undoubtedly a lot of you have too.

If you SAY don’t know what that is, you are a liar. If you have read the books, or talked to anyone who has read the book, or even just peeked at the internet since the popularization of the books, you know what the series is about. In a nutshell, boy meets girl; fierce sexual tension ensues; he’s all “no I’m a bad man”, she’s all doe eye; he admits to her that he is actually into BDSM as a dominate, looking for a subordinate; she thinks; then is all “enlighten me”. Havoc ensues.

The sizzle real for the highly anticipated E.L James book adaptation was released a few days ago. The actors are young and good-looking, a new version of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” oozes in the background (she isn’t my bag, but the version of that song gives me goosebumps). Things seem to progress as they do in the book, along with Ana’s introduction into the “Red Room”. Aaaaaaaand end preview.

There are two particular groups, Morality in Media and the Parents Television Council (PTC) have really lost their shit over this trailer. (Sidenote: I remember writing MANY papers in high school denouncing the PTC; to the point where teachers were all “ENOUGH ALREADY”!!!!) Both groups are essentially saying that this movie will set fire to the earth and all of us will burn in damnation for allowing its release. No….close, but no.

Morality in Media has said that the movie encourages and sensationalizes BDSM. Here’s what I say – NO SHIT. PSSST – that’s what the book is about…not tea parties and square dancing. Then, show me ANY media that doesn’t sensationalize. That is almost the sole purpose of media is to sensationalize. If you are so repulsed at the thought of anything other than married, missionary sex, then you need NOT read the book or see the movie. That is pretty simple. Don’t read the book (MILLIONS already have), do not go see the movie (there are MILLIONS that will), but don’t you even think about telling what is good or bad for me.

The Parent Television Council has bashed NBC for showing the preview on The Today Show. They are also calling for the movie to be rated NC-17; which, in a lot of cases, would be a death sentence to a movie. Except for this one. The PTC has denounced the book and movie as Mommy Porn. Here is what I say – NO SHIT. The book was marketed as erotica, targeted at adults. This movie wouldn’t have been given $40 million to be made if people didn’t want to see it. So, to the PTC, here is my advice – throw the blanket of righteousness over those YOU love and control, keep it far away from me. Also – since your sensitivities can not handle a pretty tame movie trailer – DO NOT GO SEE THE MOVIE.

Can’t these groups see that there are larger issues in the world besides trying to censor what we watch and read?

Watch if your fragile eyes can:

xoxo – Jen


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