Hey there stranger!

Yes, it’s been a while.  I would LOVE to say I have been just fabulously busy doing fun, exotic things, but I haven’t.

I’ve been stressed the eff out.

Being stressed is not ideal to stay healthy.  Almost a month ago, I smacked my forearm on a door frame (door frames and I do not have a healthy relationship).  When it happened, I really didn’t think anything of it, because me being klutzy is just a part of my everyday.  I know, you are just SHOCKED.  I have never been a graceful person.

A couple of days after smacking my arm, I noticed what looked like a bruise.  What did I immediately do?  What does EVERYONE do when they see a bruise?  Yes, I jabbed at it.  I was like huh, that sucks, and went about my day.  A couple of days after that, I noticed a lump, and of course, jabbed at it.  That hurt even more.  Later that weekend, Maegan just very gently laid her hand on my forearm, and I just about go through the roof.  Jim suggested I go have it looked at.

OY!  I seriously do not ever want to see the inside of any hospital, doctor office or urgent care EVER.  I am sick to death of being sick or injured.

So, I go over to Chandler Regional Hospital.  I figure this is a safer bet than the Banner Hospital closer to my house.  What I didn’t know is that CRH became a level 1 trauma center back in May.  The place was just wall to wall people.  I thought about just going back to Banner, but reason that I had already driven down to CRH, so I might as well wait.

They took blood, did an ultrasound, poked and prodded more.  After HOURS of waiting and waiting, they said it is “Nonocclusive superficial thrombophlebitis”.  In English, it was a blood clot in a vein, as opposed to an artery.  They send me home.

Couple of days later, I get a call from a doctor at CRH and he tells me that I have “gram negative rods” in my blood.  Then he says nothing else.  I ask “what does that mean?”, he very nonchalantly tells me that “there is a bacterial infection in my blood, it could be MRSA, staph, eColi…” any number of extremely terrifying things.  ANY bacteria in your blood, no matter what type, is sepsis.  Sepsis can cause you to go into septic shock, and then you could die.  I do not think I was anywhere near that point.

The conclusion was that I needed to be admitted for observation and massive amounts of antibiotics.  It was suggested to me that I get one of my surgeons to direct admit me, so I wouldn’t have to wait in the ER to be admitted.

Not only am I klutzy, but my timing sucks too, because this all goes down on July 3.  All of my doctors politely said they wouldn’t do a direct admit.  If a doctor directly admits you to a hospital, they have to come and treat you in the hospital.  Both of my surgeons were going out-of-town for the holiday.

That night, I pack a bag, and head over to CRH.  Jim didn’t want me to drive, because if I was admitted, my car would just sit there.  I didn’t want Jim and Maegan to come, because it would have been just a lot of hurry up and wait.  The problem was that I was going through the ER again, so there was no guarantee that I was going to be admitted.  The doc that treated me that night could have just said “meh, no worries, take this antibiotic pill at home”.

But, after hours and hours and hours, they finally told me I was being admitted at 2:30 am.  Maegan is asleep with me on the gurney, I am half asleep, Jim was trying to contort himself into a semi-comfortable position.  They finally got to leave, I think I got a room at 4 am.  I vaguely remember them wheeling me up and asking if I could walk into my room.  I know I slept diagonal on top of the covers until the first nurse came in to poke me with another needle, and then blood pressure and pulse ox and temperature.  I vaguely remember a doctor coming in at about 6:30 to “talk about whats going on”, I have no idea what I said or what he said.  I later asked my nurse what the plan was, and she said “oh, the doc didn’t tell you?”, then I explained what happened.  She tells me “well, we just keep drawing and testing your blood until it doesn’t sprout anything on the culture, could take a day, could take a week…”

Thankfully, I was better by Saturday.  I like CRH, the rooms are small, but private.  The nurses and doctors are always good.  But the food in that hospital is the WORST.  It’s the stereotypical hospital food.

That’s all for not, I will try to post more often!

Love and Light – Jen


One thought on “Hey there stranger!

  1. Geeeeez Jen!!!! Does it end for you? You’ve now scared me piss-less because I too am a master klutz. I am 6′ tall and have arms and legs longer than … than I don’t know what. I’ve actually gotten a bit better since my thyroid died and I gained some weight! Go figure. I am surprised my knuckles don’t drag the ground when I walk! 😉 Anyway, if you’d ever like to “get away from it all” for an hour, let me know. We’ll do lunch together and spend it stuffing our faces, bitching and moaning and this and that. I have a feeling we’d just make each other laugh … then we’d choke on our food and … whatever!!! I’m here for ya!!!

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