What a day

Nothing but good news at the doctor today.  Not exactly a good time, but the news was good.

Started out with the reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Finkel.  I was worried that the sore on the left boobicle would need some surgical intervention.  Thankfully, it doesn’t.  She looked at me, at the boob, at me, at the boob, then quizzically said “What is the issue?”.  So, I was freaking out for nothing.

Second was the oncologist, Dr. Mendonca.  She is not my favorite practitioner, she is very arrogant and tells me to make a decision, then berates my decision.  Like when I decided against chemo, she said it was my decision – I made the decision and she tried to shame me.  Moving on – today, I waited to see her for 90 minutes.  When I finally get in the back – she is lazily lounging, eating.  I could get another doctor, but that would require more time off work, trying to establish a relationship, then THAT may not work.  The saving grace is that I don’t have to see her often, maybe once every other month.

Last was the psychiatrist, Dr. Muse.  Just the normal, blah, blah, blah, here are your meds.  He is, from what how he explains it, as from “the islands”, and will sometimes talk fast with his accent.  Inevitably, he will tell a joke that I just don’t understand because of his speech.  He will be laughing, and I will say “So sorry, can you repeat that?”.  It’s never the same, he’s annoyed, the moment is over.

I know, whoa is me, right?!?!?

Just in case I haven’t reminded you already:

The main event for our October charity has been moved up to October 4th, 2014. Mark your calendars for OCTOBER 4th, 2014. Hope to see you there!

Cool kids

C’mon, you know you wanna!

Love and light – Jen



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