I’m looking at you lady friends…

I just finished reading an article in People Magazine about Amy Robach.  This Good Morning America correspondent had an on air mammogram in October (Breast Cancer Awareness month).  Turns out, she had cancer as well.  Like me, had never felt a lump, doesn’t have a family history of breast cancer.  Now, Ms. Robach’s cancer has spread to lymph nodes and will require chemotherapy.  She has 2 little girls as well, they are 7 and 10, and a few step children that are older.  She has boldly told her girls. 

While my treatment future is not known, yet.  Ms. Robach also is in GREAT shape, she runs daily, works out, eats healthy.  I, conversely, I do not lead the healthiest of life styles.  YES, YES, I am working on it. 

My point is, you just never know.  Had I not gone to see Dr. Demerdjian, thinking she would be a primary care provider and finding out she specializes only in OB/GYN, had she not said “We should do a well woman exam, as long as you are here.” I would not know either.  I am pleading with ALL of my lady friends to get a mammogram.  I know of a few ladies that have already taken the initiative, for that I am grateful.  I am not asking you to do this for me.  PLEASE do it for you family.  Look at your kids, your parents, etc.  Think about how a diagnosis of breast would effect them.  Yes, I am totally playing on your emotions.

This is for you too men.  I know a man who found a lump, got it checked out, and was fine.  On the other end of the spectrum I have a Facebook friend, Colin Cosell whose grand father passed away from breast cancer.  Men, I am not asking you to get a mammogram, just that if you feel something, speak up!  Tell your doctor, make sure you get it checked out. 

Ok, I am done lecturing.

The good news of the week, I went back to work.  It was hard, I got tired quickly.  But, my FANTASTIC co-workers welcomed me back with open arms.  I posted a FB status that 99% of my work was done.  That is true, however, I do payroll for a division of about 300 people.  It’s not like they could just say “Nah, that can wait…”  They HAD to do it.  There are other things that I do that COULD have waited.  Instead of letting it fester, they all had a hand in taking care of it.  My statement of thankin my lucky stars is still VERY true.  I work with the greatest people, everyday.  I am humbled by the caring, concern and love I feel where I work.  How many people you know can say that with all honesty?  Not many

Still waiting on the result of the tissue studies being done on my tissue samples.  These result will determine what course of treatment, if any, I will require.  I really would appreciate your prayers.

That’s all for now.

Love and light – Jen


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