A rant, whats been up, then good news…

Well hello there!  Sorry it’s been so long, and yes, I’ve missed you.

So – the rant of the day is as follows.  I was at 7/11, and the woman at the counter bought 30 dollars of candy, soda, chips, donuts on her SNAP card.  THEN, pulls out a wad of cash bigger than my fist to buy lottery tickets, 5 ten-dollar scratch offs.  I presume that my very exaggerated eye roll and gigantic sigh bothered her.  She asked what is my problem, so I replied that my problem was that I was paying for her to eat junk food, while she has a pimp roll to buy lottery tickets.  She said that it isn’t my business, I said my tax dollars ARE my business.  She gave me a dirty look and walked out.  Ahhhh, making friends all over the place.

Now, what has been going on.  On January 28th, I had my 3rd surgery.  It was a quick debreedment of the incision on my left boob.  It had gotten weepy and infected, and Dr. Finkel didn’t want to leave any further infection to encroach.  I have stitches that should come out next Monday the 10th, and she should start to fill the expanders then.

Also, I am “done” with my breast surgeon, Dr. Hernandez.  Which is sad, he’s a great doctor, one of the best in the valley.  At the same time, I am relieved.  I am pretty tired of going to doctors.  Funny part – I have to see a new doc today, for primary care.  As far as oncology, Dr. Mendonca needs to analyze the remains of the breast/node tissue to determine the level of risk of recurrence.  From a low to high scale, it will determine my need for treatment.  Low could be no treatment, medium to high could be radiation and/or chemo.  I am asking, still, for your prayers.  I don’t want to have to have chemo.

Now – the good news!  I have been cleared to return to work as tolerated.  I am so excited, and I am sure my employer is too.  I have been out for quite a bit longer than expected, and they have been nothing but caring and help from them.  I can not say how much I appreciate them.

Love and light – Jen


5 thoughts on “A rant, whats been up, then good news…

  1. Love the little story about food stamps and pimp rolls!!! 😉 Priceless.

    So … yea, I am sure you are excited to get back to work because that represents normal for you, but I gotta ask … “as tolerated” … are you really ready? Girl, you’ve just been through the wringer and maybe you just need to take some time? Don’t get me wrong, we’d love to see your smiling face ’round here again, but … geeez!!! I’d be scared to push it!!

    Be well, Jen.

  2. Jen take it as easy, whatever you feel is good leave 30 minutes earlier 😋 I am so excited for your victory so far. You go girl not sure I would have had the same strength you have shown here. You are still a huge in inspiration in my life. Love you😍

  3. Hi Jennifer, my name is Tonya Arroyo. Deb Furlong passed me your blog info. I have been going through the cancer nightmare myself this year and its funny because it looks like we have the same doctors. Hernandez, Finkle and Mendonca. I had Stage 3 breast cancer and it was in 5 lymph nodes, i have completed chemo, radiation and am now on tamoxifen. I am in remission for now and just trying to get my life back together, if you ever need to vent or anything from a fellow fighter/survivor- I’m here. Tonya Arroyo tonya_arroyo@msn.com

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