A little victory, a little meh…

I have been so sad and self absorbed lately.  I hadn’t been feeling good, fevers, vomiting.  Just not good.  I was in the ER on Saturday with drainage, pain, etc.  I have a hematoma under my left incision.  They sent me home with Oxycontin – which I will never take again.  No joke – I slept ALL of Sunday.

But, today has kind of turned my mood around.  I had to see both surgeons today, which was good.  First was Dr. Hernandez, his visit was very quick.  The GOOD news is that there was NO cancer detected in any of the lymph nodes.

Then I saw Dr. Finkel, she looks at the incision and informs me that I am having surgery AGAIN tomorrow.  They need to explore and clean out the hematoma from the left breast.  So, for the third time in less than a month, I am going under the knife….yay me…not really.

More tomorrow – possibly.

Love and light – Jen


7 thoughts on “A little victory, a little meh…

  1. Wow — well, I guess the hematoma is NOT an uncommon thing. That’s why I had to stay overnight (but they caught mine before I was discharged so that was a blessing). Who knew? Sucky sorry about the next surgery. Office procedure or back in the hospital?
    HOWEVER, GREAT NEWS about the lymph nodes! All bodes better for less aggressive treatment now, right?

  2. Excellent news, Jen, that the lymph nodes are free of cancer! As Wender says, “a little victory, a little meh” — you are entitled to as much meh as you feel. None of us who have never gone through it can imagine telling you how/what/where/when/why to feel. On the other hand, I can tell that you are one who believes in the power of positive thinking. 🙂

    I want to ask before I act … there is a woman who worked here at the agency, in the Corps Division. Her name is Tonya Arroyo. I don’t know if you knew her, or of her. In November ’12, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. After her surgery, they downgraded that to Stage 3C, which while better news, was still scary as hell. She fought the same battle(s) that you are fighting. I wonder if it would help you to be in touch with her? She had to have multiple surgeries too and I am sure her reaction to that would be “Screw ‘grin and bear it’ because it sucks.”

    If you are interested in sharing with Tonya (she is one of the coolest people I know!), I will send her the URL to this blog. She has four children … none as young as your Maegan, but her youngest (her only daughter) is 13. 13 is a difficult age at best, but Tonya might be able help you through some of that too.

    The great new here is that Tonya has just been declared to be in remission – she is cancer-free and doing VERY well.

    Hang in. You and I don’t really know each other, but I am here anyway rooting for you, praying for you and yours, etc. I am also here for ya if you need anything. I am not just paying lip-service to that either. I mean it cuz cancer sucks. That really sounds lame, but how to put it into any better words is beyond me.


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