From what I am told, the hardest part is over…

Well, I made it through surgery.  I remember waking up and crying that they were “all gone”.  I guess that was me mourning the boobectomy.  Yes, I made that up, and really like it – boobectomy.

I think the bigger shock will come tomorrow, when I can unwrap and see the full carnage.  Dr. Finkle, my reconstructive surgeon, assured me that everything was fine, and placed the temporary implants, but did not put any saline in them.  We need to wait until the drains are removed.  I have four drains, and they suck.  They kind of resemble udders, and are in the way and rather uncomfortable.  There isn’t a set amount of time for the drains, they stay in for as long as there is drainage.  Yeah, greeeaaattttt.

I have peeked under the bandages, and it isn’t pretty.  Concave and gross.  I honestly struggled from the start of this blog whether I should include personal photos of the journey.  In the end, I knew that I couldn’t do it, as I would have to look a lot of people who had seen pictures of my chest in the eye.

So much more I would like to say, but a combo of being over tired, appropriately medicated and supremely sore, I will stop now.  I hope to update more tomorrow after I see it and shower.

Love and light – Jen


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