Another day closer

I wish I would blog daily, but news on the Interloper front is lite.  I would say no news is good news….but, not on this front.  The footfalls of the march toward January 9th grow louder everyday.  Truth be told, I am terrified.  I want to be all brave and “cancer won’t get me”, but this is a life changing.

For reasons that are not yet clear to me, I have decided to go church on some Sundays.  When I went to mass on Christmas Eve, I reasoned in my head that it may be a good idea to have The JC in my corner during whats to come.  I went to mass last Sunday.  While the service was MUCH different from what I remember (they sing some songs in Latin now ya’ll), most of the doctrine was the same.  If you don’t know how a Roman Catholic service rolls – sit, stand, feel guilty because He died for you, kneel, sit, kneel, sing, give money, sit, guilt, guilt, guilt, etc.

Then, I felt guilty because if you even slightly know me, you would know that I have been outspoken in my disdain for organized religion for many years.  I felt (still kind of feel) that I have no right to return to the church because of a health crisis.  Jim was the receiver of my mood when I came home, poor guy.  He understands why I was upset, but told me that God wouldn’t even think twice about it, The JC is all about forgiveness.  Jim suggested that I talk to a pastor, to which I told him that I have already drafted a lengthy email in my head.  Because I am too afraid that if I actually had a conversation with the pastor, because he might tell me that I am cray-cray, and that The JC is in no mood for religious wafflers.  I do not care who you are, because we all say that we “don’t care what others think of us”, but deep down we are all scared of rejection.

Outside of that, my Christmas was wonderful!  Santa (Jim) brought me a Kitchen Aid mixer:

She's a beauty!  Love her!

She’s a beauty! Love her! Oh the cookies, cakes and breads (oh my!) she will make.

Now, its New Years Eve.  Can’t believe 2013 went by so fast.  Here is to a happy, healthy 2014!  While I am not starting healthy, I intend on ending it that way.

Love and light – Jen


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