Come together…

Over the BEST!WEEKEND!EVER! my son and husband got AWESOME breast care awareness ribbons tattooed on their left wrist.  They did it out of love and support of me.  I wanted to show my support of the legions of men (fact: men get breast cancer) and women who just found out, are going through treatment, are recovering and those who have battled and won the fight.  With the help of JD from Idle Hands Tattoo, last night, I got this:

Cool kids

I wanted my boys and readers to know that I am in this to win this.  Cancer will not define me.

So, friends and family, I want to ask you to become a part of the official Cool Kids Club.  Now before anyone gets all hyper, you don’t have to get a tattoo (which are sweet).  I feel compelled to ask you to show your support.  Not just for me, but for ANYONE you know that’s trying or has triumphantly slayed the beast.  If a tattoo is the route you wish to take, might I suggest (for Arizona folks) JD at Idle Hands Tattoo or for those in Illinois go see Jewels at Flesh Gear.

Can we do this?  Let me know….



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