Decisions, decisions….

So, I went for the imaging on Monday.  They want to do 3 biopsies this coming Tuesday.  Knowing how much the first one sucked, has lead me to make the following choice.

I am just going to have a double mastectomy.  With reconstruction, of course.
The original plan was to wait for the results of the BRCA genetic testing before any surgery.  The logic was “Why should you endure two life changing surgeries on two separate occasions?” (Remember…if the BRCA test is positive, they would recommend a mastectomy and hysterectomy)  Well, at the same time I was told to have my first mammogram, I had the naughty bits tested too, it’s all part of a well woman exam. My naughty bit smears came back normal. 

While I wait for the results of the BRCA genetic testing, which is on hold until I have genetic counselling in February, I want to get as much cancer out as I can. Why give it more chance to rage on and ravage my body?

Thankfully, my surgeon is on board.  He will put me in touch with a reconstructuve surgeon, and we will get this ball rolling.


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