Why a blog?

I have no doubt that this is a question some will have.  Honestly, I don’t want to tell the story over and over again, I can’t even talk about it now without getting all blubbery.  Also, talking on the phone is not my favorite gig, partially because I can feel the sadness and the pity from the voices on the other end, and it breaks my heart (boy, I’m all me, me, me, today).  I honestly only have regular conversations with 3 people on the phone.

I feel this way would be the best format to keep those who care, informed. 

I thought I had sufficiently girded my loins for the news.  I never said “It won’t happen to me.” as cancer is very prevalent in my family, both maternal and paternal sides.  But, nothing can really prepare you when a clinician tells you that you indeed have cancer.  The word itself has been stigmatized as a death sentence.

I have known for many years that there was a distinct possibility that I would indeed get a cancer, just wasn’t sure where.  Some people tell me that I have a very defeated view.  I strongly disagree, I just choose to side with science.

Lastly, for now please don’t tell me to be strong.  I know that is rude, and I don’t mean it that way, I just don’t know what I am up against.  I would kindly appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers.

I will know more tomorrow.  Hopefully, we can tell family something, then I will make this blog public 🙂

Until tomorrow!


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