So, this is how it all started….

At the beginning of October, I started seeing a new general practice doctor.  Upon arriving, I found out she is strictly OB/GYN.  We then agreed to just do a well woman exam, including a mammogram.

Never having a mammogram, I was a little nervous about a lot of things, but namely a) having a complete stranger handling the girls and b) the squish.  It was all very professional, and the mammo went well.

About a week later, I get a call that there is an “abnormality” and that I needed to schedule another mammogram, and an ultrasound.  Every woman I asked about this told me that this is perfectly normal.  I call to arrange an appointment, and they can’t do it for two weeks.

Two weeks later, I go for the procedures, and after the mammogram, I ask to see the picture, and could they point out the anomaly.  They pointed to what looked like to me to be a wisp of smoke.  I shrugged and was all, OK!

About a week later, I get another call.  NOW they want to do a biopsy.  THIS is when I get nervous.  The chief radiologist told me in no uncertain terms, that there is a slight chance in a Radial Scar or it is cancer.  She said it with a smile on her face, that I could hear.

Now, I am balls to the wall nervous.  But I try to talk myself away from the ledge, by telling myself that I have a family history of cancer, but not breast cancer.  Call to schedule an appointment, only to be told to wait for two weeks.  This wouldn’t fly, I needed to know now.  After much badgering, I got an appointment on November 14.

November 14 rolls around, and I am a little nervous, but feel confident that everything will be fine.  Those procedures went OK, but the aftermath was hell.  That deserves it’s own post altogether.

I was told by the pathologist, and the imaging supervisor that results will be ready on Friday.  Of course they weren’t ready.  It was OK, because I was seeing the doc who ordered the tests on Monday (today).  I tell myself, she has to have the pathology back by then.  WRONG!  I took time away from work to be to specifically do this, for nothing.

Later in the day, I get from Dr. Sunshine (not her real name), from the imaging place.  This is all I recall from the conversation:

Doc: You see, you and I had talked about this probably being a radial scar, which it is, but, unfortunately, you have cancer as well. 

After that I haven’t a clue what she said.

The doctor that ordered the whole thing calls me and says to come in right away.  She at least had some encouraging news.  She explained that spot was about .2 centimeters wide, but, the lady who did the biopsy might just have gotten lucky and hit the edge of the tumor, maybe not.  She also said that if she were to be the treating doctor, she would recommend an MRI, to see the true size of the tumor, then a lumpectomy or mastectomy, depending on the size.

I have an appointment this Wednesday with a very popular breast surgeon, and go from there.



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